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FOR RELEASE: 2005-12-29

Holden Euro 3 Compliance, Model Changes

Holden's domestic and imported petrol vehicle range will all comply with strict Euro 3 (ADR 79/01) regulations which come into effect on January 1, 2006.

Federal Government legislation requires all 2006 petrol engine cars and light commercial vehicles to meet Euro 3 requirements – including new standards for exhaust emissions and restrictions on fuel evaporation.

Current exhaust emission limits (ADR 79/00 or Euro 2) restrict hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen emissions to 0.5 grams per kilometre and carbon monoxide to 2.2gm/km. Euro 3 (ADR 79/01) requirements restrict hydrocarbon emissions to 0.2gm/km, oxides of nitrogen to 0.15gm/km and carbon monoxide to 2.3gm/km.

Holden also announced model changes to its model year 2006 line-up of locally produced vehicles in preparation for an all-new Commodore in the second half of the year.

In preparation for the new ADR 79/01 regulations, Holden introduced new sealed heat soak facilities at its Lang Lang Proving Ground to test hydrocarbon evaporation emissions – mainly from fuel but also other hydrocarbons such as plastics.

It also built extensive cold-soak testing facilities to conform to new sub-zero temperature start-up emissions restrictions introduced under ADR 79/01.

Alloytec V6 powertrain

The high-tech 3.6L Alloytec engine introduced in the VZ Commodore series in 2004 required minor changes to the engine, exhaust system and calibration to meet Euro 3 requirements.

These changes included new fuel injectors and a new exhaust catalyst.

L76 V8 powertrain

The 6.0L L76 alloy engine, a member of GM's fourth generation small block V8 family, is new to Holden for 2006. The engine delivers peak output of 260kW at 5600 rpm and peak torque of 510Nm at 4400 rpm when tested with 98RON premium unleaded petrol.

Details of the L76 engine were announced in North America in late 2005 and it was developed as Euro 3 compliant. Significant testing and calibration development requirements mean Holden has not initiated cylinder deactivation technology.

Model changes

Holden also announced the following model changes for locally produced vehicles in 2006 –

  • V8 Adventra will be discontinued due to predominant sales of V6 variants and the need to reduce manufacturing complexity at the Elizabeth , South Australia operations.
  • One Tonner variants will be discontinued due to preparations for the all-new Commodore in the second half of 2006.
  • Ute S and SS will be available in Devil Yellow.

Model year 2006 performance data

Power and torque

Alloytec V6

Alloytec V6 (Adventra)

Alloytec High Output V6

Gen 4 V8

Test fuel

91 RON

91 RON

91 RON

98 RON

Peak power (kW)

172 @ 6000

188 @ 6500

190 @ 6500

260 @ 5600

Peak torque (Nm)

320 @ 2800

330 @ 3600

335 @ 3200

510 @ 4400


Fuel economy (ADR081/01)

Alloytec V6

Alloytec High Output V6

Gen 4 V8

Executive sedan

11.0 (AT)



Acclaim sedan

11.0 (AT)



Executive, Acclaim wagon

11.2 (AT)



Berlina sedan

11.0 (AT)


14.0 (AT)

Berlina wagon

11.5 (AT)


14.0 (AT)



11.4 (AT & MT)




11.4 (AT)

14.0 (AT)




14.0 (AT) 14.6 (MT) (MT)




14.0 (AT) 14.6 (MT)



13.2 (AT)


Ute, Ute S

11.0 (AT) 12.2 (MT)



Ute SS



14.0 (AT) 14.6 (MT)

Crewman, Crewman S

12.7 (AT) 13.6 (MT)



Crewman SS



15.3 (AT) 14.8 (MT)

Crewman Cross 6

14.0 (AT)



Crewman Cross 8



15.6 (AT)



11.8 (AT)

14.0 (AT)



11.8 (AT)

14.3 (AT)

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